My name is Chad Hood and I am the Executive Director for the Trellis Group. I want to tell you a story about discipleship and why we are named The Trellis Group.

I found myself driving through the mountains of southern Brazil on an early fall afternoon. This was a special day because I was headed to a vineyard. It was the beginning of the harvest and I could not wait to see it. As turned on to the old driveway, my eyes were overwhelmed with the dark purple clusters hanging from the green leafy rows of vines which stretched up the mountainside. Even the air had a sweet smell of ripe grapes. It was magical.

A friend of ours had invited me to take a tour of his family’s vineyard and show me around the vineyard.

I walked by workers who would gently place a hand under the clusters, and with a quick twist with the pruning blade, the grapes would be released from the vine and placed into beautiful crates piled high with the fresh fruit. A worker showed me how it was done, and I held in one hand a beautiful cluster. The weight of the grapes surprised me. My friend smiled and asked, “Pesado?” “Surprisingly heavy,” I responded. He explained that the branches of the main vine had been pruned carefully to produce more  abundant grapes.  They were full, thick, heavy, and there were thousands of clusters. It was fascinating.

The old trunks of the vines were thick and woody, but the branches were soft and delicate. The trellis that held the soft and fruitful branches had a single purpose, and that was to support the branches so they could then bear the fruit. Great care had to be taken to make sure everything was in place and prepared for the growing season. Then, and only then, would the vine produce up to its potential. It reminded me of Jesus’ teaching that he is the vine and his people are the branches and sometimes those branches need support.

That is why our name is The Trellis Group.

We have been called to support the soft branches of the vine. Jesus said that he is the vine, and we are the branches. He will cause the fruit to be produced through the branches. That fruit is the changed lives of men, women, and children who have come to know Jesus and understand what it means to follow him. Our ministry is to support you and other branches in the kingdom of God so that you can see a harvest of changed lives all around you.

What We Believe

We believe that God has placed a desire in the heart of believers to follow Jesus and help others do the same. Leaders sense that call personally along with the weight of equipping others to do the same.

A leader who is closely following the Lord will live a life of joy, purpose, fulfillment, and bear spiritual fruit in the lives of others as they are encouraged and transformed.

Is this you?

If not, understand that the Lord is working in your life and drawing you to himself. All you have to do is trust him and take a step of faith. Reach out to us.

How We Can Help

We can help you grow closer to the Lord in a way that allows you to see and understand how God wants to uniquely use you to disciple others.

What We Do

We do that through a biblically principle-based process of discipleship that will help you grow in your relationship with God and equip you to build a culture of discipleship. We use process is called Go Disciple that our Executive Director developed over a decade ago. Hundreds of lives have been transformed, encouraged, and equipped. We want to help you live a life of joy, purpose, fulfillment, and spiritual fruit in the lives of others.